Get better-wordpress up and running in your theme

Getting Started

To start using better-wordpress in your theme, add the following code to functions.php:


# Imports all Composer packages
require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';

use ofc\Site;

# Declare a new Site object
$site = new Site();

# Allow the Site object to be accessed in other files
function site()
    global $site;
    return $site;

Optionally, an array can be passed directly into the Site constructor, overriding config.php. Here’s what that looks like:

# Declare a new Site object
$site = new Site([
  "excerpt-length" => 100,
  "guest-class" => "null",
  "menu-locations" => [
        "main-nav" => "Main Navigation",
        "footer-nav" => "Footer Navigation",
  ... # Other options

For most use cases it’s best to use the config.php file, especially if you plan on adding custom post types as the array can get pretty large.

Next Steps

Finally, install laravel-mix to begin working with Sass and JavaScript.